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Great ideas are born from small causes…


As usual, this task prooves to be a challenge for me.Travelling around and not being fully party of any community makes it a little more difficult to approach people or try to change something. I’m in London now and the advenatge here is that I have lived here more or less for past 5 years and know people. I also have a good relationships in my old work place, University of London Union (ULU), which is why they give me jobs when I need it. Anyway, long story short, the London students are the only community I have some access to, as I work for the ULU for 3 years and have always been actively involved in other Student Unions. Therefore, given the short time I have for completion of this task I had to come up with somethine that will involve the students.

There are over 150 000 students in London and I have always felt like their potential for being actively involved as changemakers has been vastly underestimated and unused. Many students are involved in various societies and are fighting for different causes, yet on the whole, I always had the feeling there can be done much more. So I thought I will use this chance and try to get more students to think and help the others. How? Fundrasing! Fundraising itself is very boring and honestly I hate it myself (probably because I’m not very good at it). But I think that there are ways to make it more fun than just stand on the street trying to convince people they should pay. No! They should give money because they want to, because they themselves feel like it’s the right thing to do not because somebody is playing with their emotions and conscious. So the fundrasisng efforts and inititatives have to be made more fun and accesible, something they want to be part of. And what is it that all (London) students love? Party!

So my idea is to throw a fundraising party, whereby I not only bring the cause (or project) to wider public, I also make the students to be part of something without forcing them. From experience I know that good deeds are bringing this great feeling of satisfaction and motivation which may result in more students being actively involved even after the party, and possibly raising money for other causes later on. So let’s see if it works!


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