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 It was Saturday, the day of the party, the Halloween night. It was one of those days…I was running the whole day like a headless chicken…You know, when everything is just happening at the same time and you don’t know what to do first? Well that’s exactly what was my day like…lunch with a friend (not negotiable as he only came for a weekend all the way from Paris and I haven’t seen him well over 3 years), shopping for costume, making the poster, organising moving (I was moving all my stuff to Czech Republic after 5 years in London!)…

Step by step I was fulfilling my tasks. Time was passing and I was about to make the poster. By the way, at the end I set to fundraise for the Warriors, as waiting for the answers from other organisations was just not getting me anywhere…And with the Warriors I know how to get the money to the right place….

I made the poster – it had to be very self-explanatory and simple as I promised my friend that it will not anyhow change the character of the party. Simplicity is beautiful and can sometimes tell more than thousands words…So with a simple picture the text went as follows:

The Story of Warriors…

The true WARRIORS manage WITHOUT WEAPONS. They don’t fight useless and unnecessary wars; they don’t fight over territory; they don’t kill for money r unjustified cause. The true WARRIORS come from all over the world in peace and with open hearts to fight together for more sustainable and just world. They bring nothing but the energy, passion & motivation and by using their skills, knowledge and talents they work hand in hand with local community to address urgent environmental and social issues. The WARRIORS will meet in January 2011 in Santos, Brazil to work in a community for whom they’ll think and execute a project using local construction techniques and resources. Please, support the WARRIORS tonight by giving a small donation. Thank you!




 Armed with my poster and dressed up as purple witch I went off to the party. At my friend’s place I put up the poster in the kitchen with a money box….At the end of the night there was £15 (about 40 BRL). Better than nothing! Might not be a fortune, but I am sure the money will be well spend.


the pirate paid...




the heart queen paid...












even the mad hatter did....


It wasn’t the ideal scenario…And it went a long way down from the original idea. But I guess it’s the same in the real life…it doesn’t work all the time. One just cannot get discouraged by the failures and keep trying. And I will…However long it takes, I will keep trying…


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