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Be part of it with me!

I made it! I have been selected for the Warriors Without Weapons programme in Santos! It is amazing an exciting opportunity for me to make another step further in my career.

As part of the process to successfully enter into the programme I have to fundraise 5000 Reais (€2200 or $2900). Although the overall sum seems to be horrific, I believe that little by little I can put it together. Therefore it doesn’t matter how little you are willing to donate. Nothing is insignificant! Even as little as 10 bucks will make a difference!

So here I would like to reach out to you with request for help. Be part of this programme with me by giving a donation. By supporting me, you support the larger cause – the marginalised communities in Santos, Brazil and the common effort of 60 selected participants from around the world to improve their community and their lives. Your contribution will enable me to give my energy, motivation and passion to help realised their dreams in one way or another.

Any contribution will be hugely appreciated and valued. In return, the organisers offer to put the supporter’s logo on the programme’s website and in the programme’s final report that will be developed by the ELOS team and may be sent to you via email.  I can also offer photos, reports and articles for those that could have any use of them.


Unfortunately time is my enemy, so should you be so kind and decided to donate, please click on the following link and make a donation:


Should you prefer another type of payment then contact me directly on danuska14@aol.com and we talk about other arrangements.


If you know people who might be interested in sponsoring, please make this link available to them too. 


I thank you in advance for your help!


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