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A tiny little bit of my story…


My name is Dana…born in a no longer existing Czechoslovakia, living all over the place…passionate activist with many dreams and many challenges to overcome…but with huge motivation and spirit to fight my way through…

Who I am now?   A nomad! Literally. After 4 years living in London where I came in 2005 to get my degree (BA Development Studies and Politics) from SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), I had to move out of the flat in December 2009. Since then I’m on the road…


in front of SOAS...the very cliche picture...

 Firstly I took it as a sign that maybe it’s time to move out of London. After all I’ve been saying it for months that it’s too expensive city and I want to change. So I didn’t look for another place to stay. Instead I took kind of holiday, first in 5 years, and went to visit home and friends around Europe. Only a month later I started to look for a job. Eventually I got one, sort of, in Istanbul, Turkiye to organize the 5th World Youth Congress. Circumstances didn’t allow me to go until mid June so all this time I’ve been either travelling or staying at friends’ houses. It was never meant to be so long without “home” but it’s been over 10 months now and I still keep going.


always with my 3 bags...

For outsiders, especially for those that do not know me, it may look like I live pretty amazing life – always travelling and having fun. But it’s not really the case. Yes, I have done a lot of travelling while being “homeless” (Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, UK, USA, Turkiye, South Africa, Greece….some more than once) but I kept working a lot to be able to afford it! And although it has been amazing in all these places, I’m burned out! I’m tired of living out of my suitcase, having to move every week (sometimes even 4x a week!), not having my own space, be dependent on others in many ways. So the whole thing has its pros & cons.

 And so I am on never ending job hunt, but this time I’d like to get a job in a field so I can finally devote all my energy and passion to a good cause…

How do I feel? Excited!Mostly…despite all the world’s problems and hardship, there are so many beautiful things worth appreciating…Great people, beautiful places, exciting cultures…Yes, the world is full of bad, wrong and negative stuff… but changing the world is a long journey and we are not gonna get there over night or alone…Together we can change things to better, little by little…and that gives me hope! With all these little projects that we’re doing I see the impact on others. And it may only a be a little impact, but if it changes somebody’s life for better it’s worth it. So I am excited! Excited to know that even with little work and little projects I can do something good…for myself or others…And that’s great!

Professional questions?Sure! A lot! Who doesn’t…But like always, I know there are no simple answers for them…However, if you can clarify, explain and share your opinion with me, please do! The thing is, they are no simple questions either…I’d like to know, why is everything so politics-driven, having rather negative impact on society, when politics should be the one thing that should make things easier and bring things into order. How is it possible that these days we’re still letting civil wars rage through countries without intervening and keep watching?Why do we spend millions in conferences talking about poverty?And why the people in power hardly ever listen what the citizens have to say??

My dreams? Just to be happy…And the work I’m doing (all the different projects with young people, campaigning, facilitating, events organising…)makes me happy. So I just wanna keep doing what I’m doing…and more! I’d like to develop projects, using sports and arts and other things that young poeple relate to that will lead to more just and peacuful world..

Other dreams…

…see a World Cup final (and actually the whole tournament)

…go to Jamaica

…have a coffee with Kofi

…give unforgettable speech

…learn kickboxing

…write a book

….shake it with Shakira

…have a never dying laptop

…discover my hidden talent

…try skydiving

…and just get a life…

My challenges...Usually it’s money…Unfortunately money often prevents me from doing what I like, starting from working on projects to travelling or just basic surviving…But over the years I’ve learned how to live with little money so now it’s really more money for work…But I know it’s just temporary challenge and totally resolvable, so it’s question of time till I will not have to worry about it. Far more complicated challenges are people’s minds and attitudes and often behaviour that often clashes with my work and my views. Sometimes it appears almost impossible to find common understanding over controversial issues cause it’s different backgrounds, cultures and other circumstances that put us on different sides of the scale…It’s certainly very interesting to  listen why people believe in good of communism or why in so many societies people believe in witchcraft. I may not agree but I like to listen. I try to understand…(but I don’t always do)…So here, the challenge is how to overcome the differences, our different views about various stuff and still be able to work together in a peaceful and harmonious way…

I want to take part in WWW2011 because…I want to learn! I want to learn about the methodology, the work, the differences, the people, their problems…I want to learn how to work and survive in a completely different culture without even knowing the language. I want to help! I want to be part of the project and give my helping hand to see the impact on the community! I want to share! My talents, experiences, motivation….

My Action!To sum it up, I have been working with young people, mainly Europeans on various projects related mostly to intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding. Over past 12 years I have been involved in series of youth exchanges, conferences and training sessions as a organiser or facilitator. I also worked on youth publications, toolkits and fundraising events.

What makes me a warrior is not the work I’m doing but the constant fight to keep doing what I love and live my life at the same time. I am extremely passionate about all the projects I am doing, promoting more tolerant and peaceful society, fighting for the cause…but most of time it’s for free. (and here comes the money issues again!) I don’t mind doing these things for free, but something has to pay my bills…so I do all these things on top of my random jobs (or study!) that keep me going. Sometimes I have so many commitments that multitasking is a must. Sometimes I feel so burned out that I think I can’t go on like this anymore…But I always find a strength and motivation somehow and fight back…And that, I believe, makes me a warrior.

My commitment…I don’t know what’s going to happen after I return…I don’t even know where I will be based…I’m open to anything…I can;t make concrete promises, but I can promise that whatever I will do and wherever I will go I will be using the knowledge and the experience from Brazil to improve or develop projects as I am sure that no matter what, I will keep working in the field. You can hold me accountable to that!